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The smart #1 for everything.

We make living smarter.

A comprehensive portfolio for the management of properties and, also, lessees and condominium community home owners.

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  • We make living smarter.

    All solutions and applications in Brunata.One Living make living in residential buildings or districts more comfortable, efficient, safe and sustainable and ease the workload on owners, administrators and users.

    Digital services, platforms, apps and the latest measurement and IoT services enable the digital administration of real estate that integrates seamlessly in your processes. Integration of modern mobility solutions such as sharing and e-mobility prepare living spaces to embrace the future.

    We provide a tailored set of solutions for residents and private owners for the smart living of tomorrow.


    Smart Services

    All our combinable applications, products and technologies are realised in the context of intelligent mobility concepts, as part of the modern and vibrant city or, quite simply, in buildings.

    Smart Building

    Innovative solutions for intelligent buildings with real added value


    Smart City

    Sustainable and ecological management of the urban living space


    Smart Mobility

    Intelligent solutions for e-mobility and sharing

    Solutions for Brunata.One Living

    Perfectly coordinated end-to-end solutions for public utilities, municipalities and cities.

    Heating and utility billing


    Information on consumption during the year: eMonitoring




    Charging infrastructure


    Discover the Brunata.One Solution World

    Digital solutions that generate real added value in buildings, merge seamlessly with your processes and contribute to the comfort and safety of your residents.

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