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Find inspiration and all modules needed to build your own IoT use cases or to test business applications. Exchange ideas with others before launching bigger IoT projects

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    Brunata.One Community is the playing field for anyone exploring the IoT for the first time and wanting to try things out.

    IoT professionals can also find the modules here to develop and implement their own applications and share their experience with others.

    Brunata.One Community lives from this sense of togetherness and the interest each individual member has in the IoT. Together, we promote digitisation in public spaces, in education and medium-sized businesses, in buildings and urban communities and establish the appropriate infrastructure.

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    Smart Services

    All our combinable applications, products and technologies are realised in the context of intelligent mobility concepts, as part of the modern and vibrant city or, quite simply, in buildings.

    Smart Building

    Innovative solutions for intelligent buildings with real added value


    Smart City

    Sustainable and ecological management of the urban living space


    Smart Mobility

    Intelligent solutions for e-mobility and sharing

    Solutions for Brunata.One City

    Solutions and applications for communities in the area of IoT, Smart Building, Smart City and Smart Mobility.

    LoRaWAN network operation


    Indoor Climate Monitoring


    Motion Detection


    Parking monitoring


    Discover the Brunata.One Solution World

    Choose from a broad spectrum of IoT and mobility solutions for a variety of different requirements.

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    Stay up to date and become a member of the community! Start-ups, experts and IoT entry-level users can chat, develop ideas together and benefit from the know-how of the whole community.

    Together we develop the digitalisation of education and medium-sized business and of buildings and cities.


    ZENNER Shop IoT Sensors & Solutions

    In the ZENNER Shop IoT Sensors & Solutions - the online shop for IoT sensors and gateways – professionals and entry-level users, developers, planners and hobbyists will find a huge selection of equipment to realise their own use cases. LPWAN sensors, In our online shop you will find LoRaWAN gateways and a variety of accessories from different brands, only a click away. With us you can develop IoT projects for Smart City, Smart Building and Smart Mobility.

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    Your first step towards a bright future.

    Just get in touch with us, and let’s shape the future together.

    We will help and advise you on the best products and applications from the Brunata.One solution suite.

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